Graphic Design & UI Design

Look the part, play the part.

Emu’s greatest strength lies in its ability to combine visually engaging and effective creative work with its excellence in software development. Many agencies can create vibrant, aesthetic design work, but lack strength in their technical teams – meaning that although your system may look appealing at first glance, it can quickly be revealed to be slow, unreliable, inconsistent and unable to properly handle complex system requirements, leading to a poor User Experience. Emu gives you the best of both worlds, creating stunning visual work in tandem with a technical team ready to handle challenges of any scale or complexity.


Graphic Design

Graphic Design (or Visual Design) is important for creating a strong impression on your users, communicating your brand values and creating a aesthetically pleasing experience whilst using your system. Studies have shown a design can make a system be perceived as more reliable, more trustworthy, more professional – even if the underlying system is exactly the same.

Emu has a long history of creating aesthetically appealing, cutting edge designs for a range of different clients. We are expert at understanding a brand’s personality and extending it to meet new requirements for entire systems or standalone promotions.

UI Design

User Interface Design (UI Design) is designing for how users interact with a system, such as placement of buttons, navigation, search bars etc. UI Design is an indepth field and one Emu has  extensive expertise in. By logically grouping interface elements and determining best approaches to complex systems through wireframing, prototyping, and user testing, Emu can work with you to create the most straightforward, elegant and usable interface possible.


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