Software Development

Technically brilliant, with style.

Emu’s greatest strength lies in its ability to combine great design work with great system work. Some development organisations may have the ability to take complex system requirements and build an application that performs sufficiently, but in most cases lack skills required in design and User Experience. On the flip side, many agencies can create attractive visual designs and treatments but then struggle when building software that has complex functionality and is not a simple standalone website.

Our difference is that we are experts in both fields due to our hybrid nature of being both a Web Agency and IT Consultancy. This means not only do you have the simplicity of having one company managing all your work, but there is no barrier between the worlds of design and software development. This means that subtleties of design are not lost in development, and system requirements for development can be better handled in the design (instead of “band aid” solution in development later on, leading to a poor User Experience).

Our experience has seen us successfully deliver software of varying complexity, across a broad range of platforms, frameworks and Content Management Systems. We can work within existing systems, proprietary or open-source software, or create fully custom solutions for you from scratch.

We specialise in ecommerce systems, complex web applications, responsive wesbites and mobile app development, though over time we have built and extended a huge variety of systems. We are yet to be presented with a technical problem we couldn’t solve. Talk to us today about how we can make things work for you.


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