User Experience (UX) Design

User Experience is at the heart of all we do. We take great care to ensure your users are able to easily use, and ultimately enjoy using your product.

User Experience is a broad term referring to people’s satisfaction with the use of your system. Ideally, your users should be able to quickly and easily achieve their goals, without the system getting in their way or frustrating them. User Experience could refer to the User Interface (UI) of your website (eg: buttons, navigation), the reliability of the code and the system hosting, the speed of the website, the visual aesthetics – even as far as to how the system interacts and has implications in the real world outside the internet.

We are able to craft systems with you that will best suit the needs of your users through first understanding the details of your business and your user demographics through requirements gathering. After this we make use of techniques such as creating “user personas” and mapping user journeys through the system. For example, we might create a persona for a fake user, “Mary”, and give her the tasks of purchasing an item from an online store. By understanding Mary’s particular situation and following her journey from start to finish through the transaction, we can better anticipate the needs of her demographic and have the system provide her the easiest path to do so.

Post initial build, we can also fine tune the system by making use of user analytics to see where the system could be optimised. By using approaches such as A/B (“split”) testing, we can test alternate designs on your demographics to see which approaches are the most effective.

The field of User Experience is today recognised industry-wide as being extremely important for attracting and retaining users. Look after your users with a positive user experience and they will look after you!


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