Financial calculators and tools, user experience design

Show, don’t tell. Financial calculators to drive sign-ups.

GBST and Athena teams took an iterative approach to deliver a unique tool combining eight of our calculators.

The custom calculator allows users to experiment with home loan hypotheticals and integrates Athena’s Home Loan Hacks; customers can see how extra repayments, repayment frequency, loan terms and more impact their real life mortgage.

The calculator is built on our powerful calculation engine, configured with Athena’s own loan parameters and has been the engine driving Athena’s offer to homeowners.

Customers who use the calculator before they apply are 2.5 times more likely to sign up as an Athena customer than an applicant who hasn’t run their numbers. With a custom calculator to match its distinctive brand voice, Athena have secured a powerful market edge.


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