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Historical Beauty, Fresh Approach

We were approached by Customs House to undergo a complete redesign of their website. The old website had become dated and didn’t adequately showcase what a beautiful historical venue and amazing location Customs House has to offer. Furthermore, the information architecture of the website had become confused attempting to cover the three main uses of Customs House – as a picturesque wedding venue, as a award winning restaurant on the river, and as a function room in a grand heritage setting.

Consulting sessions with Customs House allowed us to better understand the different types of user that would be visiting the website and what their main goals would be. From here we mapped out the paths of the users through the website, making sure the User Experience was as smooth an affair as possible – be that researching and booking a wedding venue, checking out the latest menus and booking the restaurant online, or checking out which function room would best suit an event.

The website rebuild also had to play nicely with the existing Drupal framework (a highly specialised version of Drupal required by the University of Queensland), and work seamless across tablet and mobile devices.

The visual design of the website followed the client’s wishes for a more modern take on a historic venue, making use of large, dynamic and colourful photography to let the user really get an idea of the impressive appearance and location of the venue (not to mention the delicious food).


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