Electoral Commission Queensland

Brand development, logo design, user experience and user interface design, illustration

Engaging modern voters with refreshed branding

The Electorial Commission Queensland (ECQ) partnered with Emu Design to rebrand their image to align better with today’s voters. We worked closed with key staff to develop and present multiple branding options and then refined the selected option inline with feedback from both ECQ staff and user testing.

Once the logo and branding were confirmed, we created wireframes of their new website. As they were looking to promote awareness of and participation in electoral matters, we created a series of avatars and infographics to help connect with the user and give it a more personalised experience.

We also broke down the website into 4 stages of during, before, outside and after the election to help users find the election services quickly and easily at all stages. The design of the new site provides an improved overall user experience and representation of ECQ.

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Electoral Commission Queensland