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Generate more leads with our comprehensive range of online financial calculators GBST Equate, or work with us to develop a completely custom calculator or user journey. Online financial calculators and sales tools add important interactivity to your website and can act as a significant lead generator for your company. Research has shown that 86% of customers who purchased a financial product researched it on the internet within six months of the purchase.

Delivering to some of the best in the business

We have designed, developed and delivered financial tools for over 120 organisations that include some of the biggest names:

Technologically Advanced

Our calculators can be delivered in different modes to fit your needs:

Full User Interface

Our calculators are built using HTML5 and JavaScript. This means the calculators can be used natively on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and PCs without the need to refactor them. They will be rendered quickly and will behave just like any other element on your page.

Web-service API

If you want to build you own site and simply call a service to get back calculation results, then our web-service API is what you need.

Embedded Headless API

We can deliver the calculations as an embeddable element that your page can then call, pass in values and have the results returned. This will allow you to build you own UI leveraging our calculations without a dependency on an externally hosted web service.

Specialised Solutions

We can create highly specialised tools from scratch to meet your exact requirements, such as:

  • Calculators
  • Simulators
  • Asset Allocators
  • Comparison Tools
  • Product Selectors
  • Fact Finders
  • Application Forms Integration
  • Benchmarking Tools
  • Mobile Applications
  • Key Facts Sheets
  • Risk Profilers
  • Landing Pages
  • Web Sites
  • Web Applications
  • Onboarding Questionnaires
  • Robo-Adviser Development


Many of these calculators are already available as part of GBST Equate, our pre-built financial calculator suite.


If you are a financial institution and looking for a quality assured organisation with existing clearances and audits that comply with what banks and institutions require, then we can help you. We are fully ISO 9001 compliant and undergo regular audits to ensure we deliver the best product possible.

Our tools and calculators are also actuarially certified as required and any custom calculators developed for you can also be certified on your behalf.


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